Stop saying No. Ok not to drugs or alcohol or anything harmful to the environment, but do you say no before you even try something new?

There is a lot online about stopping say yes because you are overcommitted but I am finding there is a lot of people that are saying no and are close minded.

  • I have been criticized by my own family when I started eating healthy and cleaning up my diet. — Years later almost all of them have adapted to my lifestyle
  • I have been laughed at by friends for choosing to not go out and go to the gym in the morning. – Seriously yes seriously
  • I have been judged by other women for lifting weights, telling me I’ll end up looking like a man. – Actually lifting weights increases your bone density, helps prevent osteoporosis, fights weight gain, increases metabolism and it’s really tough to add muscle.
  • I’ve had my parents curl their nose at me when I told them I was going to baby goat yoga- so much fine I highly recommend it! More laughter and cuteness than yoga
  • I’ve had people tell me not to waste my time going to see Tony Robbins & Jen Sincero (author of You Are A Bad Ass) speak last summer – Loved them both so much energy.
  • I’ve been told chiropractic and acupuncture are dangerous and I shouldn’t go – I literally wouldn’t be running a 1/2 marathon at the age of 47 if I didn’t see these two.
  • Yesterday when I told my husband I was going to try cryotherapy as I have a nagging pain in my left leg, once again I was met with no, don’t waste your money, as he puts his hands on his knees and can barely straighten up after a long day of work. – my bitchy side came out after his comment, and I’ll let you know how cryotherapy goes next week.

Honestly, I used to poo-poo new things too, but after years of working on self development, getting rid of judgement and having to train my brain in learning to be open and try new things, it has opened a world of doors to me with living healthy, taking care of my body and has been instrumental in getting sober and staying sober .

To be open, and teachable is one of the most powerful transformations I have made next to living sober, I will try anything that betters me and make a decision after I have tried it not once but 2 or 3 times.

Stay open my friends even if your family/friends/coworkers/strangers on the internet aren’t. My one piece of advice if you know they are NO people don’t say anything, just do it, take action and then talk about the event/food/course.

xoxoxo Christina

Bored in Sobriety

When I first got sober, I wrote this blog post bored in sobriety. I had no friends that were sober, my husband isn’t sober, and I was bored. I have a girlfriend that is now going through the same thing, she doesn’t want to go to meetings, she has a young child at home and she’s bored. We talk a lot and we both read a lot and talk about books, so she said to me why don’t you do a sober book club.

So I did, We officially have launched A Teetotalers Book Club, Online and FREE, for women in recovery. You can be at any place in your recovery, the only requirement is you show up for the Book Club Sober and you want to connect with other amazing women. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US


A Hallmark Christmas

So I remember December being a magical time, Christmas Trees, Rum & Egg Nog, Wine Nights with friends, Dressing up and off to amazing Christmas Parties, Driving around looking at the amazing houses full of Christmas Lights, Holiday Decorating, Carolling by the piano, baking short bread cookies and everyone so happy, buying and wrapping presents, while the whole family gathered around by the tree on Christmas morning happy and glorious singing songs and joy all around.

Actually that was a freaking Hallmark movie.  My life wasn’t like that I remember overeating all baked goods at the office, drinking wine like the Napa Valley was going to stop producing grapes,  being stressed to the max running around buying presents, decorating the house by myself, having christmas tree decorating parties that ended at 3am, finishing decorating the gingerbread house by myself, going to Christmas Parties and Dinners that I didn’t want to go to and staying out way too late, running to soccer games on Saturday mornings foggy headed and freezing my ass off, then a couple of days before Christmas jumping on the ferry (ok waiting 7 hours in line) then driving through blizzards (either rain or snow) to get home to my parents for Christmas and driving back 4 days later after a stressful time with them.   For years I remember waking up January 1st with a headache the size of Gibraltar swearing this was not going to be me again this coming December, but it happened year after year.  I didn’t take care of me, I was so worried everything looked perfect for everyone else for Christmas, being in 5 spots at once, going to all the parties, going to all the kids events, I destroyed myself in Decembers.  

Until last,  in August of 2017 this was  the year of huge changes in my life, I decided to finally stop drinking wine.  So when December came around my self care routine was in full swing.  In fact so much, that I could care less about Christmas and how it looked to everyone else.  I wanted Christmas Season to be calm & kind I wanted to wake up on January 1st  ready to jump into 2018.  And I did just that. I said no to a lot of parties, I went to my parents for 2 days, not 4 (which I enjoyed), I didn’t overeat, I exercised, I chose one Christmas event to attend, I had the entire family help decorate the house and tree (not just me) and guess what  I woke up on January 1st happy and ready to go.  I had taken care of me.  In fact I had a friend in from Australia, we went for a walk, came back to my house had breakfast with my husband. I finally woke up from the holidays feeling amazing.  Not bloated, not hungover, not tired, not stressed.  Who is this girl? 

I look back now and think it’s someone who took care of herself in December.  

When I first came out a month ago that I  had a huge wine & cigarette  habit and quit drinking and stopped smoking over a year ago the response was overwhelming and so was the curiosity from other women.  Frightening statistic, women right now are drinking more than ever, to cope, to compete, to numb, to relax.  It’s why I have created the #fitandsober challenge to go into December taking care of ourselves exercising ( making time for ourselves to feel better and cutting out alcohol) It’s 9 days to get your holiday glow on.    You can join here.  Click here to join the FIT AND SOBER CHALLENGE