Many who stop drinking find themselves turning to sugar a transfer of addiction. I have found people have actually been told to eat sugar because sugar will quell the alcohol cravings.

Give me all the sugar

Which is true, to a degree, but telling an addict to transfer one addiction to another substance is a tough one for me to swallow, it’s transference. Like hey quit drinking but start a shopping addiction. So here’s some keys to avoiding transferring alcohol to eating all the candy.

Here are some tips to help avoiding transferring alcohol to a sugar addiction.

  1. Eat Berries & Fruits (snack type food keeps your hands busy) that’s healthy and contains sugar but also nutrients. An apple with peanut butter is my favorite snack
  2. Smoothies are a great way to feel full and satisfy a sweet tooth with a health benefit (make them at home in the blender – store bought are full of added sugars)
  3. Keep a plate of veggies (already chopped) in the fridge & dip) ready for snacking
  4. Sweet potatoes are a complex carb that when you bake they candy, add cinnamon and they are a healthy treat.
  5. Chocolate Protein powder is my favorite I add it to my oatmeal, my plain yogurt or as my post workout shake with berries. It helps me get my extra protein in and satisfys a sweet tooth.
  6. Chew gum
  7. Keep your hands busy
  8. Do not buy what you cannot eat in moderation in your house. If you want something you actually have to leave and go get a treat (you’ll see me on instagram going and getting a blizzard every once in a while, because I do not keep ice-cream in my house)
  9. Don’t buy treats at Costco ( enough said LOL)
  10. Exercise yes go for a walk, take up tennis, go swimming, and do it on a regular schedule not just once in a while.

Many people struggle with this, you are not alone, but know that it does not have to continue or even start. You can eat healthy, be healthy and get sober or be sober without transferring your addiction.

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As always I hope these tips helped and reach out anytime xoxoxox Christina

How To Quit Drinking Forever

She never has a second cup of coffee but today I did

How to quit drinking forever, it’s a bold statement, and really can’t be promised, but I do know that making better choices one moment at a time, is the key to sobriety.

If you are looking at quitting drinking, sobriety at first can seem so overwhelming and panicky to think I’m never going to have a drink again (no matter how bad you feel, while you have your head in your hands and are saying that out loud and making that decision). Gah the thought of never drinking again actually still panics me. That’s why I don’t think about it. I think about the here and now. In fact in both my recovery and health coaching it’s all about one moment at a time and making better choices. In fact I had a client that was in her late 50’s never married, and isn’t even open to dating but was worried about not drinking on her wedding day.

So let’s look at making better choices today, because today right now is what counts.

  1. Opting for the better choice, example heading out with a friend for a walk with a friend and it could lead to a boozy lunch. Suggest grabbing a coffee first (even if it’s your 3rd cup of the day) and going for a walk.
  2. At the grocery store, avoid the booze aisle and hit the Flower aisle (yes even if you are a guy) flowers will brighten up any space way better than tequila.
  3. Being so worried about the 6 month- 20 year distant future. Use the STOP method, literally tell yourself to stop, outloud or in your head 5 times, very slowly.
  4. Situations that may arise today or on the upcoming weekend it’s time to plan ahead for that: 1) your best friends birthday – go early, bail early you made an appearance 2) You are going on a trip with friends and staying in one room – do you bail or can you get your own room 3) boozy brunch time to flex the sobriety muscle and drive there (best excuse ever is I’m driving) 4) obligatory work dinner time peruse the menu or call ahead to see if they have any mocktails ( zero proof drinks) if not time to know what you are exactly ordering for a drink and practise ordering that before you go. 5) Situational: Out of town for work and the mini bar has been a problem in the past call ahead and ask for it to be alcohol free 6) Grocery stores are your downfall, have your groceries delivered (the cost of delivery will offset the booze)
  5. Putting in boundaries around out of town family or friends, yes it’s hard, but I know to keep my family visits and visitors to a maximum of 2-3 days max (that includes Christmas). It’s a better choice for us all.
  6. Going into the deep stuff, at some point you will need to look at the WHY you have been drinking. Did it go from drinking in your 20’s partying to coping? Is it a habit to relieve stress? To Escape an unhappy marriage? Is it anxiety? Are you bored? Is it Trauma? Is it Perimenopause/Menopause? Do you feel like you don’t fit in? A better choice than to drink is to look at the actual underlying reasons.

I hope the tips help on keeping sober, this minute, this hour, today and making better choices is key and imperative on How to Quit Drinking Forever.

As always reach out anytime

xoxo have a fit and sober day


How to say no to alcohol when you are out and feeling pressured

Saying no to alcohol when you are out and feeling pressured is hard and I had a flashback Last night I witnessed a woman clearly say not to ordering a glass of wine ended up ordering one. A year and half ago that could have been me sitting there. Now I’ll preface this with I have no idea her reason why she did not want a glass of wine. But the woman she was with was having a glass of wine and said ” oh you can have one, I’m sure you need it” and the waiter said “you look like you could use a glass of wine” Here’s 3 tips how I have learned to navigate that pressure.

How To Say No To Alcohol

  1. BE PREPARED FOR THIS situation (research mocktails so you know what to order): Sit up a little taller and say no thank you but I’ll have and promptly order a club soda with lemon, or ice water, or a mocktail whatever it is but make sure you know what you are going to drink, prior to going out
  2. Say No Thank you I’m driving. Say no thank you I’m not drinking my calories tonight. Say no thank you I have an early morning. Say no thank you I’m doing #dryjanuary #soberoctober #soberjuly #fitfebruary. Say no thank you I’m cutting down as I’m getting healthier. Say no thank you I’m fighting a cold.
  3. Turn it into humour with the situation above, I would have laughed at the waiter and said “I really look that bad, there goes your tip” or with the friend above “my life isn’t that bad that I need to have a drink” or something along those lines and then promptly order your non alcoholic drink

Remember if someone is pressuring you to have a drink it is usually more about them than you (wait staff want to make money) your friend may not want to drink alone, or it’s the only thing you have in common with someone. Drinkers like company remember that!

I hope these tips help, and as always reach out anytime.