The Ultimate Guide, What to Do Instead of Drinking Tonight

One of the things when I got sober & quit smoking was I had a lot of free time on my hands and boredom is a huge trigger. I would wonder what to do instead of drinking tonight.

I would Google What to Do Instead of Drinking and I found a lot of suggestions. Many of the suggestions are have a bubble bath, write in your journal, which is great and by all means go ahead and do that. I needed more than that.

The other suggestions I found, didn’t have specific recommendations, which I have included. The other issue it wasn’t things I could do right now, it wasn’t practical! Go bungee jumping, or go bowling, great ideas. I did not have a desire to jump off a bridge (I had already been in that state hungover and was trying to crawl out from that level of depression) or didn’t have friends you could go bowing with it was hard.

I have put together The Ultimate FREE Guide, What to Do Instead of Drinking Tonight. These are practical Suggestions. With recommendations, you can add refer back to it or use it as inspiration and add on to it.


Bored in Sobriety

When I first got sober, I wrote this blog post bored in sobriety. I had no friends that were sober, my husband isn’t sober, and I was bored. I have a girlfriend that is now going through the same thing, she doesn’t want to go to meetings, she has a young child at home and she’s bored. We talk a lot and we both read a lot and talk about books, so she said to me why don’t you do a sober book club.

So I did, We officially have launched A Teetotalers Book Club, Online and FREE, for women in recovery. You can be at any place in your recovery, the only requirement is you show up for the Book Club Sober and you want to connect with other amazing women. CLICK HERE TO JOIN US