Fitness Coaching Services

Weightloss and Accountability 1:1 High Touch Fitness Coaching

1 Month (4 weeks) 

Perfect for someone getting back into fitness or needs to get back on track, knows about nutrition but needs accountability, and doesn’t love trying to build their own workouts.

Detailed Questionnaire and Lifestyle Sheets

Complimentary Goal Setting Call

Customized Workouts updated weekly GYM OR HOME

A 30 minute check in call every 2 weeks with Christina

Text/ Email  check in Daily for Accountability with Christina

Price $149.00 per month

3 Months (12 weeks) Perfect for someone who is so tired of fad diets, needs accountability and a serious swift kick in the butt. Wants to learn a long term lifestyle and Needs Support.

Complimentary Goal Setting Call

Customized Work Out Plan updated weekly home or gym based.

Required Weekly check in sheet to be filled out and 45 min Coaching Call per week 

Text/ Email  check in Daily for Accountability with Christina

Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition Education, & Macro Counting

Price $265.00 per month

​**Additional Coaching Calls for purchase**

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