Fit and Sober Course

Fit and Sober School is open to both who want to and are willing to implement new habits and quit drinking for good.

Fit and Sober encompasses both mind and body. This is a 12 week course for anyone who wants to quit drinking.

If you are here, most likely you have tried moderation and you may have tried to quit on your own even tried a few free challenges. You are tired of being told to Journal (well I still believe that’s a great idea) & have a bubble bath. You may be a chronic relapser or never tried to quit and the thought of doing it on your own is scary.

The reason this course is combined is that your body is made to be nourished loved and to move. Do you have to be fit to get started? Hell NO Can I be fit and get started Hell YES.

This course teaches you to BREAK YOUR PATTERNS (everything we do is a pattern from brushing our teeth, the food we buy, the way we drive to work, to the opening of our bottle after work) WE need to break the pattern and create new habits. Habits that feed your body and your soul. While learning how to quit drinking. I combined fitness and sobriety both of something that I am passionate about and both have worked together to get me healthier and happier than I ever have been. It’s no secret fitness is the key to reducing anxiety and depression. That alcohol & drugs are a depressant. That we regularly use alcohol and drugs to have fun/ escape/ and cope with life, well there is a better way.

How is this course delivered. It is completely online, BUT is high touch you will have access to the SECRET Facebook Support Group, 4 Emails per week, Check in sheet . You will receive 12 modules a new one each week, along with a work sheet, this will go nice and slow so that you are not overwhelmed with one more thing to do.

We will have LIVE weekly zoom calls this is a super high touch course I want you to succeed. Where you can bring your challenges your questions and your triumphs, yes your triumphs. That’s the fun part this needs to be fun. Quitting Drinking is not a death sentence, but a rebirth of your life. Though you may feel like part of it is and we will talk about that as well. There will also be a SECRET Facebook group (no all your family doesn’t have to know – today – you have decided to stop drinking) That’s what we are here for. To support you.