The Ultimate Guide, What to Do Instead of Drinking Tonight

One of the things when I got sober & quit smoking was I had a lot of free time on my hands and boredom is a huge trigger. I would wonder what to do instead of drinking tonight.

I would Google What to Do Instead of Drinking and I found a lot of suggestions. Many of the suggestions are have a bubble bath, write in your journal, which is great and by all means go ahead and do that. I needed more than that.

The other suggestions I found, didn’t have specific recommendations, which I have included. The other issue it wasn’t things I could do right now, it wasn’t practical! Go bungee jumping, or go bowling, great ideas. I did not have a desire to jump off a bridge (I had already been in that state hungover and was trying to crawl out from that level of depression) or didn’t have friends you could go bowing with it was hard.

I have put together The Ultimate FREE Guide, What to Do Instead of Drinking Tonight. These are practical Suggestions. With recommendations, you can add refer back to it or use it as inspiration and add on to it.


Overwhelmed = Anxiousness

One of the reasons or habits that I had, was I would drink when I was overwhelmed (which then I wouldn’t accomplish the things that were overwhelming me and they would pile up, like yard work or doing household chores) but in the moment drinking allowed me to escape.  Quite regularly the items on my list would never get done. Thus kicking in the anxiety, it became a vicious circle.

I know have a white board and I schedule my days, being a very spontaneous person this is a tough exercise for me but it’s also one that has allowed me to keep busy, keep on track, schedule in things and not forget things.  All in all since I started this in September it works!  Also not everything gets done, but if I start to get bored I look at things I need to do or what I haven’t been doing (like meditation or my yoga, or connecting with people)

One thing can still overwhelm daily at that is Dinner.  Dinner has to be thought of long in advance, especially if you have a family and work outside of the home.  If you are trying to mix it up ( we sometimes are so tired of chicken) , you have to find recipes (anyone else ever get sucked into Pinterest so far you end up looking at elixirs for my cat) , then you have to have all the ingredients (or if you are like me, most of the main ones (who owns Onion Powder?)  then you get home start to chop, prep, marinade and all of a sudden it’s like 730 and everyone is screaming because they are all hangry.  Including me!  Dinner can be one overwhelming task.  Or end up being processed  and I’m not a fan of processed foods regularly, or boring because I keep serving the same thing.  Thank goodness no one in my family has allergies or I’d have killed them long ago, with my cooking.

So years ago I tried meal planning with my husband, well that didn’t go well.  So in September when I got my white board I started meal planning.  And I do make it interchangeable as I said I’m a spontaneous person and I may not feel like what I had planned on Monday on Monday.  I try and grocery shop once maximum twice a week (to save money and time).  Friday would come around though and I wouldn’t feel like cooking so I started to put together Favourite Friday Recipes that are tried tested and true and easy.  In my house you can pretty much count on one of my FFR’s, so we don’t end up ordering in pizza, that doesn’t leave any of us super thrilled with (I make kick ass pizza).  This way I am not overwhelmed, we are not eating crap.

Overwhelm, even with dinners & every day tasks can bring on my anxiety, I notice my breath gets shallow and I can feel an elevated sense of urgency that is not good for my sobriety.  So alleviating the overwhelmingness in my life today and planning has all helped.

If you would like a copy of my Favourite Friday Recipes (FFR’s), which you can make any day.

Leave your name and email below I will be sending them out on Tuesdays for 4 weeks. (it also includes ways to bulk up the recipes if you have hungry hungry families to feed)