Shrinking Your But

I had always loved to party. It made me feel powerful, It made me feel sexy, It made me feel like I belonged. Until it didn’t.

I am not going to sugar coat this post, I’m super direct, and that’s my coaching style with both fitness and sobriety. You have to shrink your but. Not your butt, your but. So many people come to me and say I am ready to quit drinking… but. Your buts can be endless

a) I’m going on vacation

b) I’m super stressed (work, relationships, motherhood)

c) It’s Christmas

d) my best friend is getting married

e) there’s a work thing

f) It’s the weekend

g) I need to keep hanging onto my boyfriend

h) it’s summer

i) it’s Christmas

j) it’s my birthday soon

k) I’m graduating

l) I have a family reunion

m) I’m so busy

n) I am part of a wine club

o) my spouse drinks

p) all my friends drink

q) no one knows I have a problem

r) what will everyone say

s) I have anxiety

t) I have depression

u) I’m getting married

v) I can try moderating again

w) I need to let loose & have fun

x) I don’t want to go to AA

y) I have social anxiety

z) but what if I fail

You know what I say to all of this, it’s excuses and every single one of these is or might happen and its called LIFE, whether you drink or not. BUT you are also on the right track, why because you are looking at your relationship with alcohol.

You see for years I didn’t really have a problem I could control it, when the partying got out of control I would scale it back.

This went well, until my late 30’s and all of a sudden I realized my drinking got out of control and I tried to reign it and I couldn’t, no matter what I did. I knew I needed to quit but my buts were too big. I had an excuse for everything. Every one of those 26 excuses up there is my but not to quit drinking. Which meant I had to go through some more pain, a lot more pain until I decided my Why to quit was bigger, than my but.

I shrank my but, and finally got sober!

I Quit Easter

It’s the Easter Long Weekend, I used love this holiday when my son was younger, it was just him and I as I was a single mom and hearing the excitement of him waking up to the Easter Bunny making trails of jelly beans to a big ass Easter Basket was the best memory. We used to get dressed up and go to a hotel for Easter Dinner.

Children grow up, I’m not religious so Easter was an excuse to drink. Long Weekend, Hell Yes the sun is shining and an extra day to drink recover repeat.

I always through big Easter Dinners when I was drinking, my family isn’t here so it always meant friends, kids, & lots and lots of wine. Funny thing is you might think I quit hosting them when I was drinking NOPE

I quit doing Easter Dinner when I got sober. Not because I was triggered but because the shit show that ensued and watching as the sober one, was just annoying to me. When I first half assed tried to get sober, I would end up drinking and being angry. Because of course it wasn’t my fault I drank, it was my husbands and my friends and I let them know that . Ugh insert cringe here.

When I finally got sober my first Easter was hell, our friends were all drinking actually that’s not true, they were drunk and the turkey got ruined and one couple was arguing, the whole thing was highly unpleasant.

Then last year my husband got so drunk and obnoxious (ended up breaking my fav mixing bowl) the turkey got ruined again. I went to bed fuming mad the next morning I declared I quit Easter. Yep I quit Easter.

My husband asked if we were doing turkey dinner this year a I told him hell no seƱor.

This year I’m starting a new tradition we will go for brunch as a family!

I quit Easter.