Friday Night Sober Dinner

It’s so incredible, when you meet a friend that you connect with. Not just on a sober level, but an actual friend. I met this woman on a chat group called Hello Sunday Morning (it was an Australian sober group). This group unfortunately is shut down, but my profile and name at the time suggested I lived in Vancouver and she messaged me. We met for coffee and found out we have many of the same interests. Including spin. We don’t live too far from each other, and we hit it off.

Going on 9 months later we meet regularly at spin and for dinners. Tonight’s dinner was at a beach side restaurant, she arrived ahead of me. Now walking into a beachside restaurant on a Friday night to meet a girlfriend in the past would have meant a bottle of wine at the table. She had a mocktail in hand.

It really is refreshing and the fact we ate early ( I am no longer a late night dinner person) and our bill was so reasonable. We eat at fashionable places and neither of us is waking up regretting our actions, our credit card bills or what we ate. We are present for each other, have some great laughs and catch up. Say goodnight and head out. Both leaving feeling far better off starting a sober weekend.

Above all I’m just super grateful for this journey. Sticking with it, making that friend that has a mocktail in hand.

xoxox Christina

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