Yep I said it, I can’t stand it, it’s an excuse for people to drink even more, than just a regular sports game. Even when I was drinking I dreaded it, totally wonderful people and nice homes would end up in a shit storm. One party I went to a guy ended up wandering outside and passed out in a ditch in the dark, we were in Panama (think fer de lance snakes, the most venomous in the western hemisphere) and we all ended up searching for him for 2 hours . He was a older man, an engineer from Germany completely brilliant until Super Bowl.

Now I am not a football fan in general, but it was a good excuse to go to a pub or a get together with friends. I honestly never felt great after one of these parties, the food was either pub food in an overly crowded bar with kitchens doing sub par cooking, or in homes that piles of nachos, seven layer dip, gourmet hotdogs, hamburgers and a myriad of store bought wings and then there was cupcakes and sweets galore. With people swilling back beer like they are on Survivor never getting off the island and arguing about whose team is the best and most times those aren’t the two teams that are even in the Super Bowl. It really never was my jam. It was obnoxious. Being a Canadian, I never went to a Stanley Cup Party that was more gong show than I have seen on Super Bowl.

Having said that I always like to see the positive side. Super Bowl Sunday is a fabulous time to go do anything. The Gym (don’t go right before hand) and Grocery Shopping is my favorite, and I rarely grocery shop on Sundays. Then of course there is the peaceful empty house to be able to read, dance in my kitchen, prep for the week.

One thing in sobriety, I have set very clear boundaries of what I’m dong with my time. Super Bowl is not one of them, but I know my husband loves it so I will be sending him along with stuffed mushroom caps, a veggie tray and dip and of course a text for me to come pick him up.

Please always remember that stats are higher for drinking and driving accidents on this day, in fact Super Bowl Sunday is one of the highest statistics for DUI’s and drunk driving statistics, so if you or someone you love are drinking please ensure you have a way to get home.

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