The Week In Between

So glad to be home, Christmas was fine but strained, my husband’s attitude was quite asinine, and caused quite a bit of stress. I was glad to hit the road and get back to the city.   Today I went to my support group it’s called STAR and it was part of my outpatient program.  Everyone was talking about this week, the unnamed blah post Christmas but Not New Year week and how awkward it felt and they were anxious, about 2018.  I’m like WHAAAAT.  Ok I’m obviously the odd duck in the room.  I am loving this week.  I got home yesterday and got up this morning  ( a little later than usual) went to the gym (it was empty) and I was fuelled by my moms homemade butter tarts, I had an amazing workout felt great, got to work it was quiet cleaned up emails and continued working on year end.  Then I went to my support group.

This is my in between week of self care and starting to work on my goals I am ramping up my business and I am going to take my Yoga Teacher Training in March so lots of extra yoga going on right now. I felt like the few days leading up to Christmas and the travel were a little crazy & stressful.  Now I am literally taking this week to enjoy! Slowing the pace down, going to bed early, reading and  working on me.  My tree is still up it’s winter, I’m being all cozy and doing what I need to do, I am loving these days.

People seem to be stressed about January 1st being a New Year, well no one seemed to be stressed about May1st or June1st or July 1st so I am treating January 1st.  just like another day.  Except it’s a holiday.  One extra day before I go back to work and dig in, one extra day to take care of me, work on my goals and really just be present.

I also don’t set resolutions as I find they don’t work for me.  So my January will look exactly as I planned it to be in December.  I have goals to reach, and things to do but I have no extreme life haul that is completely unachievable for myself planned.  My sobriety will remain first and foremost just like every day for the last 5 months.

How is everyone else coping with this week?  Are you stressed, blah or soaking it up?

Happy Sober in between Holidays week.



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