Thinking About Drinking

So after 4  1/2 months I rarely think about drinking anymore, my cravings have pretty much subsided, not completely but most Fridays and Saturdays and Wednesdays, and Mondays and Tuesdays and Sunday brunches are now liveable and I get through the day without thinking about drinking.  I try and reward myself with experiences (not material items) in my sobriety.  I don’t count the days, but I do have a general idea of how long it has been.

Just before the 4 months mark I was driving down the road and thought about how I wanted to celebrate 4 months and my first thought was doing “shots” WTF.  First I’m not a shooter girl very often second I don’t drink anymore.  I did start to laugh at myself.  It wasn’t a craving but a natural habit.  I also have thought more than once about drinking while I was driving (what’s up with that?)

I was speaking to a girl today who’s worried about her wedding because weddings mean champagne (we were laughing she doesn’t even have a boyfriend) .

Celebration to me means alcohol, I decide it is time to find a new word other than celebrate, but I’m also not the fan of the word  “marking the date”  (sounds funeralish)

I looked up Celebration in the thesaurus, it gave me things like bash, blowout, spree, remembrance,gala, festivity, frolic, party, triumph, hoopla, wingding (wth)

But what did stand out to me was the word HONOURING.

I think I want to honour my sobriety I am so grateful for it, that honouring seems to be a befitting word. I am so grateful for my sobriety I don’t want to celebrate it, I’ve done enough celebrating in my life, I want to honour it.  I feel like my sobriety is so sacred so incredibly powerful.

Here’s to another amazingly sober day!






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