Cardio and Recovery

Cardio it’s the one thing both times that I have been sober longer than 2-3 weeks at a time, I have put in cardio.  I have a love for weightlifting and have for over 5 years but I found even during drinking the days if moved my body doing cardio for over 30 mins,  it has helped subside cravings and I was less likely to drink.  I was also less likely to drink on the nights that I knew I was going to run/spin in the morning.    I like to run but also Spinning (which I discovered a love for about a year and a half ago) and since it’s indoors that works for this time of year. It’s also easier on the joints and body.   I typically burn between 4-600 calories in 45 mins it’s a great workout.  I spin now 3 days a  week.   I usually run on the tread mill for a warm up before weights, so I will do a couple of miles.  In the spring and summer months I take the run outside, but for now I’m a treadmill runner.

Try it, allow yourself to be a beginner, don’t hurt yourself by deciding to go on a 5 mile run ( or worse run on icy roads) or a 25 km bike ride (this will just be a discouragement.) Join a running group, go to a spin class, take a kickboxing, crossfit, rowing, or body pump class.  (Always check with your doctor first)

Cardio is a natural high, you get to a stage those endorphins kick in and the hangover is a natural glow. The soreness of muscles is painful but its a good sore.  When you start to see the benefits you want to do it again.  Your family/friends might complain that you go to the gym for an hour, it’s a habit i’m ok with being addicted to.

Happy Sober Fit Friday!






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