Pure Love & Joy on a Cold Crisp Fall Day

At 10 weeks sober there is very little pure child like joy in my Recovery.  I’ve had some amazing experiences at 8 weeks I gifted myself a Float (so spiritual) I have had epic exercise classes that have released huge amount of endorphins, I have experience nature like never before I have connected with a great amount of other sober humans,  I have smiled and giggled. But this on Sunday I bought a ticket it wasn’t even a reward for reaching 10 weeks to Goat Yoga and wasn’t expecting much from it other than a fun way to end my weekend.

It was at 9am on a farm that is actually fairly central to the City.  On an October day so much could go wrong (rain and it get cancelled) accident on the bridge if you have ever lived in Vancouver or have been to Vancouver you know our bridges can be a nightmare.  But I woke up to a beautiful October  cold crisp morning.  Then my text came in the woman I was going with has bailed ( I was pissed as I didn’t know if she was sick or hungover whatever not my issue) I decided hell I’m going on my own the tickets were on the pricier side of yoga.

I get to the Farm ( no traffic it was easy peasy driving) .  Then I am in the parking lot and paralyzed by fear, everyone is in groups of friends or couples attending.  I am by myself the anxiety level in my stomach is high.  I literally forced one foot in front of the other.  Standing alone I look over and there is a woman who I connected with last July and we hugged and hugged we have text but haven’t seen each other since summer.  845AM on a Sunday I was happy.  Then we moved into the area.

The young goats came bounding in. Happy happy happy bounding, jumping up and down, skipping (little goats literally skip),  not one person could contain themselves everyone wanted to pet touch love and be around them, the smiling was infectious.  The yoga started it should have been called laughing yoga, we laughed, they played, we kind of yoga’d we laughed and laughed, they played, we petted and laughed at their antics.  What an incredible hour, I have not experienced such deep Joy in my Recovery.

Animals are so therapeutic and I cannot describe even one iota how this day shifted me but it did.  If you haven’t tried it and you love baby animals I can’t urge you enough to do it.  For me it was Pure Love & Joy on a Cold Crisp Fall Day.

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