Bored & Sober

Well like most addicts I have been looking at my drinking for just under a year and I have tried to stop drinking here and there.  I have just come upon my one month mark of sobriety (again) and one of the things that leads me back to drinking is extreme boredom.  I’m so bored I don’t even want to leave the house that’s how bored I am.

What do sober people who don’t know many other sober people do on a Summery Saturday Long weekend night?

I have watched more netflix in the last month than I care to remember

I exercise daily (in the morning)  today I ran.

I have raked all the leaves in the yard today, and tidied up.

I have played with my cats.

I’M BORED… well his is a fact of early sobriety I’m learning.  Most people I have researched that have long term sobriety are bored in early recovery and say you just need to get through/over it.  You will be bored, you may or may not have recovery friends. Netflix may be your best friend.

I drank to be social I drank to be in a heightened state of happy, I drank to relieve mundane evenings when we had nothing to do,  I drank so I could have people in and throw massive gourmet pizza parties.  I drank to be social.

I’d be bored with a hangover, but that was a different kind of bored it was a pressure bored like I had shit to do but I was numbing out with Netflix.  Now I get stuff done and I’m bored.  More on this as my sobriety progresses.

2 thoughts on “Bored & Sober

  1. Congratulations for being 1 month sober. I read through your blogs and admire your openness about sobriety and recovery. Love your posts.

  2. To me early sobriety was all about learning who I am and what I actually like. Before I never really went to movies or events or traveled or was into restaurants or any of the things I’m into now because I just drank. Everything was about drinking. When I stopped I realized that I didn’t really know myself, and early sobriety was all about figuring out who I was and what I liked to do. I’ll admit, it was pretty lonely there for a while. It’s not so easy for me to just make friends. But it turns out, years later, I’ve learned that’s cause I don’t really want a ton of friends–I am happier in a very small circle. It’s a journey but one I swear is worth taking. I dare say you might even find, hobbies? It’s crazy but, a lot is possible when we stop drinking! Good luck on your journey, hang in there. x

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