o.43658 Fridays used to be my favorite day, my Facebook posts were all about Fridays, Fridays represented to me to drink and party (don’t get me wrong I did it during the week too). Though it was my day that I didn’t have to worry about showing up to work hungover, and pretend I was working, but really just coping.  I had no patience to work and my temper was noticeable, I really hated people & their problems ugh.  I look back and think how irresponsible this was, not to just my customers but to my coworkers, and employers and myself, oh and the shit show getting out the door, so irresponsible also to my son.

Today Friday is just another day. Saturday Mornings when I wake up it doesn’t matter what the weather is, it’s sunny in my world on Saturdays.  For so many years I could barely get up on Saturdays, if I saw Saturday mornings it was a miracle and probably only because I had been drinking on Thursday so I didn’t drink on Friday because I was too hungover.    This Saturday I will work at my business, I will run on Saturday Morning , I’ll  do a Facebook Live on health and wellness.  I am in Hip Sobriety School and there is a 7:00AM coaching call like holy hell I will make that on Saturday Morning.

Friday has become a day for me to celebrate Saturday Mornings hangover free, and alert and generally happy.

How do you celebrate Saturday Mornings?

xoxox Christina





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  1. Oh wow I just wrote a post about my old Friday nights too! Very similar to yours.
    Isn’t the new, alcoholfree Fridays so much more pleasant? Have a great evening xoxo

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