No, I don’t hate drinking.

I thought about this today, I hate life after I’ve been drinking.  Not during not before but after, someone said the other day they hated drinking oh no, I don’t hate drinking not at all.

I hate after. After, to me is long before the hangover, after is;  When the fight starts with your spouse, or friend, or the  bouncer in a pub.   Or you make out or go home with some random guy, or you hook up with your ex (ugh the worst). You cheat on your spouse, or you fall down in public, or decide it’s ok to walk home at 3am by yourself.   Or you do dumbest thing on earth &  drive, or decide to use drugs that you never would think of using when sober, or you throw up in public.  It’s when you drunk text, Facebook  things that are so inappropriate or plain mean or rude.

I hate life after I’ve been drinking, the stupidity levels and not caring that it  allowed me to do was still indescribable to even me.  Sometimes I don’t even think I would believe my own story if I was the listener.   It’s so surreal.  What I do try and remember are those things above, all of which I have done and worse.  That’s my “why”.

All I know is we do recover and I don’t hate drinking because not everyone who drinks has these experience , I hate life after I’ve been drinking. So I don’t drink.

One thought on “No, I don’t hate drinking.

  1. Very true. The hideous feeling when you wake up in the morning, wondering ‘what the hell happened?!?’. So glad that is no longer who we are. Yay us! Yay no hangovers!

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