How to deal with the booze bitch (AKA Cravings)

When that itch is overwhelming you know what I’m talking about, the time right after work, when you just want the day to be over, but maybe you’ve strung a few days together like I used to.  I was never an every day, drinker but Thursday would roll around and I’d want alcohol.  Or I stayed sober on the weekend due to being with  family  or school events or those normal drinkers so I’d want to unwind.  Well good news is they do diminish the cravings over time but you need to get in the time, now how in the fuck do we do that with the devil yelling in your ear “drink you deserve it”;

Here’s some ideas that I use to combat cravings (I detest the word “sober tools”, that seems to be floating around)

  1. Have a routine – I say 3 things I am grateful for before I get out of bed,  go exercise, shower, have a protein shake, & eat.  When I have a rest day and I don’t those are the days that were most likely for me to drink.  Have a routine whatever your routine is but do it daily.
  2. Exercise – yep go do anything, walk, jog, crawl, lunge, do a jane fonda workout at home on a vhs that your mom had yep just exercise for 30 mins.
  3. Drink Tea or Water or anything but alcohol, I’m not a fan of pop but if it helps kill a craving have a fucking pop. One pop now and again, won’t make you have a fight with your spouse, or spend all your money in a pub & fall down,  but drinking may lead to that nightmare (or worse).
  4. Eat NOW – get your blood sugar up.  Usually my cravings would start when I’d look at the clock and it was 4pm and I only had an apple that day, or a coffee.  EAT.
  5. Stay away from the liquor store/grocery store where there is alcohol.  I know seems stupid to mention that but don’t go shopping where there’s alcohol when you are craving.
  6. Go to a coffee shop or somewhere they don’t serve booze.  Do not take your wallet just enough money to buy a coffee and a treat.
  7. Drive/walk/bike a different way home, if the craving strikes you as you are heading home.
  8. Chew Gum (I love this one, I’m a huge gum fan)
  9. Breathe- 4 breaths in through the nostrils, then one long breath out of the nostrils for 1-2 minutes (try it, it really does help)
  10. Crawl into bed  (yes your bed can be your best friend and sanctuary)
  11. If you have kids and can’t crawl into bed take them to the park or a bakery again anywhere that doesn’t serve alcohol – do not take any money with you other than a nominal amount to buy a treat
  12. If you don’t have in person support reach out, Go to an AA meeting or find an online resource group.  I like  Recovery 2.0 on Facebook hosted by Tommy Rosen or  the internet has: In the rooms or Hello Sunday Morning,  both great resources (and free)
  13. 13. Scream – it feels good. Just don’t scare your kids/pets or neighbours but get it out. Go sit in the car and yell.  I was out for a run the other day in the pouring rain and no one around and I yelled and then cried (musta look like quite a sight by the time I got home) somewhere between drowned rat and snotty nose kid.

If you have any other suggestions please comment, I’m so happy to have others help others & find new ideas!!


xoxo Christina

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