I’m booored

I had someone ask me what the fuck do I do now without having a glass of wine in the evenings (well if I had ONE glass of wine in the evenings that would have been ok it’s the bottle or 2 bottles and the 6 hey yall’s I had a problem with) . ¬†Quite frankly I have no idea how I found the time to drink and quite frankly am ashamed/disgusted at how much time I wasted on the hangovers.

So if anyone is looking for stuff do:

Go to a concert, yep drunk concerts are a waste of money

Go to watch a game (hockey, basketball/baseball whatever your jam is)

I learned to cook healthy amazing meals (I even learned to make homemade hamburger buns)

Learn to cook foreign foods

Go explore your town/city

I love scrapbooking (take up a craft) lots of people knit/decoupage/woodwork/

Read yes remember reading like novels you can just get lost in a great spy book/ romance story. READ.

Participate in online groups

Go to the gym

Take up running/yoga/basketball/badminton/golf

Explore your own city

Go biking

Start getting your house organized

Clean your house, give away things you don’t need

Redecorate/ Paint spruce up your home, it will make you feel better

Hunt the flea markets, vintage stores or I like movie set sales

Create a business

Volunteer – this is a big one for me, give back

Renew your passion for your job

Take a class (can be scholastic or for fun)

Try something you’ve always wanted to do

Go hiking

See a play, support your local theatre, try out for the theaterWatch TV/Netflix/Movies

Get your finances in order

Create a Meet-up Group



I seriously do not know how I found the time to waste on using/hangovers and then sourcing food to feed the hangover.

Please comment if you can add to this list!!! 




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