Sunny days and the itch to drink

o.43658Have you ever noticed when the sun comes out and the itch to drink is there?

The nagging promise of the sun drenched patio’s filled with happy people drinking in the sun, bbq’s and everyone is having a fantastic drinking time, the promise of fun in the sun.

That itch is real.  What isn’t real is that promise of fun and what we don’t remember or what tv/movies don’t portray is that shit show behind what actually happens to a lot of people.

Waking up with a massive hangover as you are so dehydrated from being drinking and in the sun,  bank account is depleted, no idea how you got home, how 1 drink turned into 30,  the neighbours are pissed off with you because of the the fight with your friend/spouse that happened, the snapchat stories that are now floating around of you being a drunk fool.  The list goes on

This is the problem with the promise of fun in the sun, remember don’t romanticize it.  The itch maybe real but so is the shit show. Lest we forget.


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