How to deal being the sober one

I spent over 2 weeks on holidays and we went to meet up with some friends who live in Panama Central America, I hadn’t seen them for 2 years.  This was my first sober vacation and my god it was like I had a communicable disease.  First was my very good girlfriend when I arrived at her house and didn’t have a glass of wine, she never spoke to me again while I was there.  Her husband then told mine he couldn’t live with someone who didn’t drink (funny though I know they have had heated “discussions” on her at least one bottle of wine a night habit)  Then there was the conversation from a friend (who doesn’t drink more than one glass of anything ever)  and we were all out for dinner and she looks at me in front of a table of 12 of our friends that it sucks to be the sober one.   My husband asked me the entire time we were in Panama to drink and told me I was more fun on vacation when I drank (he seems to have forgotten all the shit shows that incurred when we were drinking together).  Were my feelings hurt in these situations HELL YES.

So what did I do:

  1. Walked away, yep we were all at a Tiki Bar one night and I left, I also just went to bed some nights and left them to drink.
  2. Drove people home after they were drinking.
  3. Cried, yes people can hurt your feelings, so I let my sadness be ok.
  4. Got up every morning and meditated and thanked the universe I had no Fucking hangover.
  5. After meditation, I would exercise every day and enjoyed working out, outside.
  6. Ordered expensive fancy non alcoholic drinks, (like the one in the pic below)
  7. Ate really well like the above picture lobster (unapologetically spending the money)
  8. Had dessert
  9. Realized these people in the end don’t matter it’s my life and that may sound cold but I’d rather be sober than a mess.

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